Trades Insurance

  • Legal Liability
  • Accidental damage, loss or theft of trade tools & equipment
  • Tax Audit

We provide specialist cover for legal liability, tools of trade and even tax audit for a wide range of trades - from Aerial Installers to Window Cleaners and everything in between.

Carpenters, electricians, handymen, landscapers, painters, plumbers and more - click here to see if we cover your trade!

Legal Liability

Evari’s underwriters will cover your business against legal and court costs if your actions or negligence is found to cause personal injury to someone. 

You are also covered for when another person's property is damaged or destroyed, or if they suffer loss as a result of relying on your services and/or a product sold or supplied through your business. If you're a tradie, this is a must before most of your customers will let you onto their property so that you can get to work.

And don't forget our pause periods! If your not working for a week or two because you are heading off on holiday or don't have any jobs on, then why should you be paying for insurance? Just log in to your dashboard to set up your pause period.

Tools & Equipment

  • Cover for accidental damage
  • Cover for loss of tools or equipment
  • Cover for stolen equipment
  • Repair to pay the value
  • Cover for alternative premises

Where you opt in for this cover, if your tools of trade and equipment are accidentally damaged, lost or stolen then Evari’s underwriters will cover the cost to repair, replace or pay the value for your tools and equipment that you need for your business.

The Evari difference also includes additional protection when your tools and equipment are stolen from your securely locked vehicle, your home or another person's home or business premises that you have authorised.

To make sure your equipment is fully covered we allow you to add your tools to the Evari Asset Vault. If you add something and you have a claim against it, you will be covered for the value of the tool. As an added bonus, the claims process will also be streamlined because we already have those details.

Tools of trade are any instruments, tools, plant and equipment that you require for your skilled trades work, but does not include portable electronic devices such as Mobile phones or tablets.

Tax Audit

  • Cost of professional fees incurred

Tax can be a real pain, and unfortunately sometimes the tax office might want to check that your business has been paying the right amount of tax.

When you opt in for this cover, if you are subject to a tax audit by the Australian Taxation Office, or by a Commonwealth, State or Territory department, you will be reimbursed for the costs of any professional fees incurred by you in connection with the tax audit.

What is 'dynamic protection'?

We don't think it's wise for any business to 'set-and-forget' their insurance between renewals - a year can be a long time, and many businesses like yours will experience changes in working patterns, or a change in the number of employees which could impact their insurance.

With Evari, its easy to manage your cover - you're in complete control of your policy 24/7 and you can easily add/change/remove covers, or take care of policy administration tasks such as instantly sending certificates of insurance.

But perhaps our biggest benefit is that we will let you specify pause periods - giving you money back for times you are not working and don't need to cover your legal liability risks.