Smart technology for your insurance products.

We can enable you to digitally launch your products with an experience that your customers will love.

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Launch new dynamic products in minutes, not months.

We created Evari to give customers a great online experience. Our guided product builder is easy to use, we've done all the hard work for you.

Features that can make your products flexible.
White Label
Launch your products under your brand. Powered by Evari.
Fast Deployment
Launch your products in minutes not months.
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We use our platform in the Australian market.

We are changing the world of insurance

Evari can help you launch digital products that your customers will love and launch to market, fast.

Why Evari?


Evari specialises in utilising tech-enabled features that will allow your customers to enjoy dynamic, flexible insurance options.

Digitally enabled

Take advantage of a system that is fast,  data driven and customer-centric. Use a platform that understands where insurance is going.

Easy to configure

Setting up products has never been easier with Evari's easy to use design and guided prompts to help you through the process

Tested & proven in market

Evari provides insurance products to small businesses across Australia. We know what it takes to launch products, as well as managing them day-to-day.

Anywhere, real time

Simply log-in and you're ready to go. Have access to the platform in the office, or when you're travelling for work! It's always available.

Fast deployment

We understand that getting your product to market ahead of your competitors is a serious advantage, with Evari we give you the edge you need.

Our Capabilites

Scaleable Cloud Architecture

Fully managed, automated private infrastructure that is infinitely scalable.

Comprehensive Analytics

Python and R based services accessing Redshift data lakes.

Robust & Secure

Secured by HTTPS on the client, with data encrypted at rest on local AWS servers.

Modern Web Framework

React and Redux Customisable theming Node.js servers on Docker

Your products powered by Evari.

Evari is an agile company that understands your customers. We can enable you to digitise new products, improve underwriting and launch to market, fast.

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  • Billing
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  • Claims
  • Compliance

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